Multi-function Jump Starter Powerbank

Multi-function Jump Starter Powerbank

SKU: C0021

What a fantastic Multi Function Jump Sater Powerbank. Supplied in a nifty padded carry bag measuring a mere 25x14x10cm and weighs 1.5KG. The latest technology in batteries the Nano Lithium Polmer battery boasts a jump starter with leads to start 12v vehicles upto 8.0L petrol and 5.0L diesel. Will assist upto 40 jump starts on a full charge.

The charge time is 5 hours and the Long life battery has more than 1000 charge cycles.

On top of this it can charge devices such as cellphones, tablets, PSP, digital camera and any digital devise really.

Has a really bright LED light with multiple modes, flash, strobe and SOS emergency.

We've even used it to power remote security devises.

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