Arrowhead S20 Seal Kit

Arrowhead S20 Seal Kit

SKU: AH015

Complete seal kit. Seals can't be sold seperately. Torq settings and instructions supplied with kit.

Seals wear if tie bolts have broken normally due to blank firing or levering when breaking. Or if used for long sustained periods without stopping ie 30 seconds on 30 seconds off which would make the breaker very hot. Other problems making the oil hot could be with restricted couplers, not using free flow return or fault with machine.

Other useful items

Consumable Shop - set of pickers (CT023) which is very usefull for removing seals.

Consumable Shop - Brake cleaner (CT001) is excellent for clearing away oil and dirt.

Arrowhead S20 Shop - Gas charge kit (AH151) 

Arrowhead S20 Shop - Gas Bottle (AH155)

Consumable Shop - Allen Key Socket 17mm (CT025)

Consumable Shop - Allen key set 9 Piece (CT024)

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