Enorossi one pass stuble cultivator

The KRUNK 300 is equipped with two rows of toothed discs 560 mm in diameter, mounted on ball and roller bearings protected by double coverage to keep out material that could damage the machine, ensuring a long product life.

The discs are equipped with special rubber dampers 36x210 mm at an angle of 20 ¢X and an inclination of 15 ¢X to the ground.

The KRUNK ENOROSSI is designed for ease of maintenance, and to have a great performance in long shifts. Its compact design allows the machine to be easily transported by road.

The control system comprises depth between 5 and 18 cm.

All ENOROSSI KRUNK can be equipped with three types of rear rollers: ¡E tubular roller 600 mm diameter ¡E packer roller 500 mm diameter ¡E flex roller diameter of 480 mm Model Roller.

Another advantage is our Sfogia drills can also be mounted on the back.

This all adds to less soil compaction, less fuel, less cost on wearing parts, quicker cultivation times, more profit.

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